Proper Slidell Roof Maintenance Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Slidell Roof MaintenanceAging is inevitable. Do not try to deny it. Each and every day causes us to age by small incremental amounts. Because no one likes to get old, people do certain things which can delay the inevitable aging process such as maintaining a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and we visit our physician for check-ups on a regular basis to make sure that we don’t have any serious medical concerns. As we know, if we look after the smaller stuff, the more serious concerns which can reduce our life expectancy can be postponed.

Your Slidell roof is no different. Daily exposure to the elements that include wind, sun, rain, snow and hail, plus frequently less than careful home maintenance personnel, and general routine deterioration will age the roofing membranes which will eventually cause the service life of roofing system comes to an end. Every year you can add to life span of a roof system will enable you to have more money that can be utilized to other matters. A roofing system does not need a proper diet or regular exercise. But, a roof system does need regularly scheduled check-ups which take the form of regular inspections and prompt completion of necessary repair work.

What Are The Benefits In Investing Money Every Year To Pursue Slidell Roof Maintenance?

Many studies have determined that a roof system which routinely maintained will only survive approximately one half of its projected life expectancy.

What About Your Slidell Roof Maintenance Warranty?

You should not always believe that a roof warranty will will be helpful. Almost every manufacturer of roof surface materials specifically spell out in the warranty deceleration that the provided warranty is null and void in the event that roof system is not regularly maintained. In the event that you cannot prove that your roofing system has been routinely been maintained properly, you will not be able to make a successful claim on issues that revolve around your warranty.

Veteran property managers know that a roofing system out to be inspected at least twice each year which will ensure the life expectancy of the roofing system as long as possible. This action will maintain the warranty on the roof.

Most people do not understand how to inspect a roof. Consequently, many people simply retain another party to do the roof inspection. Many times, the roof inspection is not performed at all. All depending on the detail and how complex the inspection will be, the the inspector might be a carpenter, or an architect, or even an engineer who that specializes in roof system inspections. The best choice is normally a licensed roofing contractor. The roof inspection could include anything from viewing the roof while walking on the roof surface for repairs on an air conditioning unit or even a formal roof inspection that will entail a moisture survey.

When Should The Roof Be Inspected?

Scheduling of a roof inspection before the that produces the most severe weather. Another roofing inspection should be also scheduled immediately after (the severe weather season.

If you live in a northern climate, the severe weather season is the winter months where the deep cold, storm, and heavy precipitation will contribute substantially more to damaging the roof.

But, in the Southern States, the summer produces the severe season. The suns Ultra Violet radiation is much higher. This caused the roof system to be subject to high heat and generate due to thermal shock which is caused by very sudden cooling which is produced by summer rain storms Consequently, This is why you should check your roofing system before the beginning of each severe weather season which will prepare the roofing system for the seasonal ordeal to come. And, after the severe weather season is over needed repairs can be completed in a timely manner.

On a semi-regular basis, a scientific moisture survey should be completed in addition to the typical visual inspection.

There are 3 important modems of moisture survey systems that are utilized, but none of technologies actually takes water measurements.

An infrared scanner actually measures the total amounts of heat that is maintained or lost through the home insulation. Wet home insulation conducts heat much better than dry materials. As a result, As a consequence, the infrared camera will discover the higher levels of heat that is radiated by wet insulation.

Nuclear isotopic meters are designed to perform by sending hydrogen ions into the roof system and counting the numbers that bounce back. Because water has two hydrogen ions in every molecule, the number of ions counted increases substantially when water is present in the roofing system.

Electrical capacitance and resistance meters measure the ability of roofing materials to conduct electrical current. They work on the principle that wet materials conduct electricity much better than dry ones do.

Each of these testing methodology has limitations that need to be talked about with a roofing expert to determine their applicability to a particular roof before they are utilized.

It is worthwhile to order a formal moisture survey done at least once every 5 years. If a roof system is found to be in marginal condition at any time, a survey should be used at that point to assist in formulating a course of action.

In St Tammany Parish Louisiana, St Tammany service areas include Abita Springs, Bush, Covington, Folsom, Madisonville, Mandeville, Pearl River, Slidell, and all of St Tammany Parish. St. Tammany Roofing also services the unincorporated communities within our primary St. Tammany Parish roofing repair service area. Contact St Tammany Roofing today at (985) 807-1454. We’re here to serve you.

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